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Are you looking for a Venusaur in Pokemon Go? We can help you get one quickly and easily through our trading service. Here’s how it works:

Q1. How will you deliver the order?
We’ll send you the Pokémon through trading. Just give us your trainer code and where you are on the map. Make sure you’re online when we trade so we can finish it.

Q2. How do I get my coordinates?
Hold down on your location (the blue dot) in Google Maps or Apple Maps to get your exact coordinates. Send these numbers (like 73.123456, 31.098765) to us so we can start the trade.

Q3. How much stardust do I need for the trade?
It depends on the Pokémon:

  • For a regular Venusaur:
    • If you haven’t caught it before, it’s 20,000 stardust.
    • If you have caught it before, it’s only 100 stardust.
  • For special Venusaur types (like Legendary or Shiny):
    • The first trade costs 80,000 stardust if you’re trading within 30 days of becoming friends.
    • After that or if it’s a repeat trade, it’s 20,000 stardust.

Q4. What does “Registered in Pokédex” mean?
“Registered” means you’ve seen or caught Venusaur before. In your Pokédex, it will show a colored picture. If you haven’t caught it yet, the picture will be greyed out. For Shiny Pokémon, you need a Shiny version no matter if it’s registered or not.

Q5. Do I get the same CP as shown in the title?
The level of the Pokémon stays the same, but the CP (how strong it is) and IV (individual values) might change a bit after trading. This happens because of how trading works.

Q6. What’s the estimated time of delivery?
What are your working hours? We try to send your Pokémon quickly. We trade right away when our team is online. Our working hours are usually 24/7. If you can’t find the Pokémon you want, contact us, and we’ll help you out!


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